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Click the "Recover Account" option while logging in. You will be asked to provide your runescape 07 gold username in order to have your account information emailed to you. Once you have a new account complete the in game tutorial in order to get off newbie island and into general population.

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However my mother has been threatening me. Not intentionally, but it has much the same effect. She says she plans to come here often now she retired. Upon entering her mind you will notice 4 people, a counter of 0/15 on the screen, and Korasi's sword in your hand. Talk to the Toll booth to start another puzzle. For this puzzle, you must figure out how to get all three knights and yourself across the bridge without going over the 15 toll mark.

You can earn up to 10 penguin points each week. If you have completed the quest, certain penguins will award you 2 points when spied resulting in a maximum of 15 points each week. Provided you have the requirements, you may also spy on the polar bear and ghost penguin each week, meaning that you can potentially earn up to 19 penguin points each week.

Some areas between the town actually dangerous so that it's a challenge for players to travel around. Just buy cheap on RSorder to ensure you can take time to enjoy Zeah for what it is and not only focus on efficiency, but the pure excitement.Great Kourend will come to Old School in January.The coming of Zeah expand the horizon of the game and add more adventure to Runescape player. Great Kourend is the fisrt part of the Zeah and it will released in January.

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