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It not like Jagex made swapping against the rules, anyway, so they might as well endorse it and buy cheap runescape gold make it safe considering that they already have the infrastructure in place for it. They could even require you to pay the 10% fee to make the bond tradeable before transferring it to the other game, that way it would even act as another gold sink.

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Another more obvious example is let say an enemy only has 40 hp left. Hitting with a slow weapon for 80 would be overkill for nothing but to add more delay to you attacking the next target. A faster weapon hitting for 40 would still be enough to kill the enemy but also gives the advantage of letting you attack the next enemy sooner (or do anything else), increasing overall dps against more than one opponent and granting more controllable use of your time resource against anything that take an amount of hits ending in a fraction.

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