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etc.If an Assassin somehow manages to get a 50% headshot rune, 15% weapon damage rune, a legendary runescape gold sniper and manages to hit you in the head with it with it absurd fall off and rather slow projectile speed, he will be rewarded with 2700 damage. Less than a full health bar, for any class. And sure that a lot of damage but I love to see that shot hit and then him miraculously pull the extra 300 out of his ass from cross map.

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I think eating some of your pots + healing ability CDs would be worth that rare, rare combo and landing a banger of a much control we had over the games outcome in comparison to other battle royales, and now chests are literally random spawns.I don mean to repeat myself, but I believe there a sense of nostalgia blindness even though it only been a few short months. Release was different, but it has it own glaring issues.

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