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サンプル静止画 (商品ではない): 

The precious mining and Smithing update, that this sub also blew up over, and recruited r/2007 scape to brigade a buy runescape gold poll said that it would take resources away from other updates. And it was still an overwhelming yes. They dedicated a year to that. Obviously, this isn going to happen for Runescape. I know there got to be someone else out there that would love to be a fly on the wall in your offices and see graphics artists working on concept art,

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I think the reason they don't go up and just rip chunks off has a bit to do with whales being big and powerful, but also because they would have to work pretty hard to get that chunk (google videos of sharks on a whale carcass and see how they have to thrash and roll) and the whale wouldn't just sit still for that. Also I don't think shark mouths can open wide enough.

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I haven't played Blackout as much as MP, but I've won 8/10 of the matches I've played so far using that strat.A couple more tips I'd add is:1. Prioritize going to the side of the safe zone that's closest to the circle when it's collapsing (if your situation allows it, sometimes you're just put on the shitty side), that way the circle closes slower for you and you get more time to assess the safe zone areas and figure out where to goGolden Rule: NEVER shoot unless you know you can get the kill, or if being shot at. Don't take that long shot (even if the desire is crazy bad, I know the feels), you'll 90% of the time not get the kill (snipers are exempt), and all you're gonna do is give your position away to everyone around you.

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