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Serving tables on a lunch day. It was the straw that broke the camel back, but still. Manager had left the osrs gold building, had sent everyone home but me, one cook on the line.10 tables come in. Pure madness ensues. soups take 45 minutes, etc. I could go into detail, but it doesn matter. Not one customer was happy, the cooks had completely given up on trying, and there was no one around at all to help.

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Is there a method other than tracing the html code to find it? i used what you said, as well as retracing the html and it seems accurate, but for some reason it keeps returning empty. If theres a link to somewhere i can practice and learn more about making these sort of jquery selectors please let me know lol. I think web scraping is an awesome thing for bots and utility but it seems pretty tough to get into for newer js users.

You all need to remember why this private server for the game we use to love exists. Pker petitioned to jagex, not skillers, not pvmers, PKERS made OSRS come back. We been neglected, screwed, and our opinion matters now towards 5% of the population on the servers.

That is playable game content with real benefits locked behind a package that isn even purchasable anymore.The lack of Mahj aura availability is a large disadvantage to anyone (that didn play in 2015, or didn buy premier that year) doing Solak or ED1 and should honestly be addressed immediately.Edit: Wanted to add a bit more on here.

The Mahj aura issue will continue becoming a bigger deal as more pvm content is added, as the developers have clearly indicated they believe splashscape is bad and are moving away from it. Right now the group of people who benefit from Mahj aura is somewhat small, but you start getting a lot more feedback about it (and anger) as more content is released.

I use the item drop beam, weakness icons on top of monster icons, and the one that moves the constantly visited NPCs to the gathering hub. Very happy I did so, these mods have made the game much more enjoyable for me. Edit: I also added the mod that replaces the Xbox button prompts with DS4 button prompts..Information News by Rajat Bose at Moneycontrol"People are very impressed with how well government is working with the circumstances that we're under," he said to surrogates in a call Tuesday afternoon. There are rules, however, that allow agencies to retain some staff, without pay, during a shutdown. Those workers are traditionally seen as ones essential to protecting public safety or government property, but the Trump administration also has activated workers it views to be essential to carrying out core agency operations.

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