in order to illustrate his new haircut

サンプル静止画 (商品ではない): 

in order to illustrate his new haircut, marion may opt for a chic look fuzzy, dynamic and attractive. in order to achieve this, proceed in stages. before drying, the glueless lace wigs hair is prepared with a product that facilitates forming, bouncy and tenders ( stylers l'oreal professional), and then with a thermo forming spray (spray cover shape memory heat shaping techni. art l'oreal professional), which allows for the movement of print hair code even thereafter. the bits are to the curling iron, in order to enhance the effect of wavy, argued that the natural. to seal the middle of each bed, and to allow for more smooth points of modernity. in finishing, the hair is fixed with a spray, that french girl hair messy l'oreal professional). you can if you want to play the tie with a bar on the c? and the head.

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