in response, the gentle shampoo

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in response, the gentle shampoo

expert in this field, it is like no one else to take care of the hair as a whole. in the form of a cream lavante no soap, is it slightly with water, then rub with fingertips for a few minutes, so that the material combines perfectly with the hair. a result, the scalp is quickly cleaned up, run, and is smooth, which allows it to find comfort. the quality of the hair fibre was improved. it has been much less rub in the shampoo, the pain is limited. but it is not with the low contrast texture shampoo. it also is a bluff. often, it does not contain sulfate allowing them real hair wigs fragile hair carefully. the small, high concentration of active nutritious preserved ultra drying. they are as much care as a shampoo and a conditioner and a mask together. benefits: the time of application and is in turn. how quickly the right foot to the left. at the end of life. who is involved? this is the advantage of low shampoo, it adapts to all kinds of hair can be made aware of the nature or at some time in their lives. for example, in elsève l'oreal paris is not less than 3 variations.

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