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I would lose the Kozilek if I were you. This is a deck where you should be using your runescape gold graveyard as a resource as much as possible, and it seems like you already have a number of cards that let you interact with your own graveyard. Kozilek is basically like playing graveyard hate on yourself it just doesn make sense.

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Sweeps heal you while you on offense.), and it can dish out lots of aoe damage for 1 v x. Most people will probably have an easier time playing a magic sorcerer though because of the mobility and simple to execute burst combos. Templar takes a bit more practice on your open world tactics, but once you get use to playing one it amazing if you got the right gear.

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Thanks for the info. I think I will still reverse the res, that way I get 1 more port at the bottom for a drain. Also I still thinking of trying out push pull, mostly for the positive pressure. Will definitely open up the CPU block (I am sure the flow direction is correct). Also will check out the oil port, it would surprise me if such a high end fan did not have it.

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